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Survival instructors David Manise and Robin Cottel appreciate the value of a general physical condition that is both versatile and leaves enough energy on hand for the challenges of daily life. Locked down together in the spring of 2020, they trained outdoors every day, consolidating their experiences and developing the method presented in this book. With little equipment and little time invested, this "anti-method" does more with less. Based on recent research in sports physiology, it allows for rapid and steady progress in the areas of strength and endurance, while enhancing both antifragility and adaptability to extreme situations.
This book will not make you an elite athlete. You won't look any sexier in your swimsuit after reading it. If you're looking to make a career as an Instagram model, this book is not for you-and it is definitely not a bodybuilding manual.
Here, we talk about raw functional strength, survival endurance, acclimation to heat and cold, and immune terrain. Not with the goal of turning your body into a beautiful race car, but rather a solid all-terrain vehicle: indestructible, tireless, functional, and rugged.
"Do more with less": a six-sided die, three kettlebells, a place to do pull-ups, an area to walk or run, and a slope. That's all you'll need to put this method into practice.

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